Our Mission

Lafemelledurequin was started in 2005 to provide the best quality health treatment for the horses in the Santa Fe area. We are committed to provide high quality medical care for horses with performance issues and reproductive problems and to take care of the general health of the horses. The owners of the horses can have peace of mind through the wellness program offered to their equine friends.

Our Staff

We have three licensed veterinary doctors experienced in various equine health treatments to provide the necessary treatments for the horses of any breed. The superior quality health programs designed by these veterinarians help the horse to achieve the required competitive goals, according to the expectations of the owners. With the exceptional skill and knowledge and with the use of the latest equipments in medical care, our doctors are ready to provide the best services possible. The technicians and assistants are also interested in horses and are dedicated to their work and ensure complete satisfaction to clients approaching the service.

Clinical and Field Work

Our doctors offer various treatments and surgeries in our well equipped clinic or they can come to your place to provide certain services like treating minor injuries, castration, vaccination, collection of semen, etc. The clinical and filed services offer necessary options for the clients to select the best way to provide maximum care to their animals.

Service Hours

We provide equine health services from Monday to Friday from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm and on Saturdays from 8.00am to 12pm.24/7 emergency services are also available.

Equine Care

Maintaining the health of your horse is a great task. Apart from providing it with food and clean water, you need to provide veterinary care on a regular basis to maintain their health. The regular care by veterinary experts include: hoof care, teeth care, vaccinations, testing of infectious diseases, deworming, etc. We can provide the necessary health care to each and every horse according to their health needs. With proper care, your animal can last more than 35 years.


Apart from providing the regular health care, the doctors at Lafemelledurequin can be contacted for any emergencies involving equines. You can opt for our emergency service if your horse in injured badly and is bleeding profusely. When it is foaming from mouth without any known reason, have persistent diarrhea or has colic or reluctant to eat. The owner should be able to recognize the problems requiring emergency medical attention and should take the necessary action to provide medical attention to the horse. We at Lafemelledurequin is always happy to help you when your equine friend is in any kind of trouble. If your horse is in an emergency, do not waste time and get the veterinary help as early as possible. If you are in or around Santa Fe then you can contact us to get any necessary help, so that your horse and you need not suffer for long. Please take a prior appointment by calling us or by email.